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Stay Alive!

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Self Defense

A Guideline


The Internet is filled with useless and mindless ideas and recommendations. For example... Confront your attacker with loud words! Like: “Stop! I don't want that! Go away!”

Did you ever see a video in which an attacker went on after that? Of course not...

In those seminars and videos, the attacker always stops, simply because he knows the script.
In reality, it is a different story. Someone who's out to rape you won't be stopped with words.

In those other videos, you will hear nonsense like: “You are being choked from behind. Raise your knee - left or right - and kick back straight into your attacker's knee!” Try that, while being dragged all over the place. Good Luck!



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There are three basic principles.
Exactly three, no more:

There is no guarantee for anything!

Some people make promises, that - if you watch this or that video, take this or that class - you'll never have to practice again, because his or her method is so sure and so simple that you will escape every situation. Those are lies. Dangerous lies.
In fact, sometimes they are lethal.

No one will help you.

It does not matter if you're attacked in the middle of the city or in a desert, you will be alone. This is sad, but true.
If you were to rely on the help of others, you will be lost.

If you can't handle a high-risk situation by yourself, you're done.

The only person who can can help in such a terrible situation is you. No one else.


Robert Amper will teach you what you can do to survive such an extreme situation.
It will be hard for you and it may be frightening. The exercises will be demanding.
To learn them - to master them - you'll have to practice, but you will learn to defend.
You will learn how to raise your chances of survival. You will learn to escape.
You will learn to stop being a victim and bring the war to your attacker.

In the end there is only one thing that counts -

Stay Alive!

Don't think it will be easy. You will never hear nonsense like: “You need no practice at all! Just watch this and you will be safe forever!” from me. Forget about that. You have to deal with these exercises. You have to internalize them! If you think that you don't have time to practice these lessons, forget about it and hope that nothing happens to you. If that is the case, learn a prayer, a short one. You won't have much time left.

It is not about to live in fear; it is about knowing that fear.
When you know that fear, it won't be fear anymore.

I have been practicing Karate and TaekwonDo for about 40 years. I have helped many people become blackbelts and have witnessed violence personally and objectively. I was trained in an American school and it never was about looks; it was always about saving your ass.

When you practice what I'm going to teach, you won't look good or fancy. There will be no leggings and nice sneakers. You're going to practice in your street clothes, because that's what you wear on the street, right?

Why is that? Because, there's little chance that you'll be attacked in the gym or in a Karate school after you have had a nice warm up, that's why!

When you're attacked out in the streets, you can't say: “Excuse me, Mr. Rapist. I have to change into my workout clothes and warm up. Just give me 15 minutes! Thank you for your understanding!”

You have to learn to use what you have. You have to learn to fight being who you are:
Tall, small, short sighted, overweight, underweight, rich or poor.
A Prada handbag won't safe you.
An expensive cell phone won't safe you.
Fancy high heels won't safe you.

In fact - none of those things will help you.
Being prepared, however, can safe your life.



Stay Alive!

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Stay Alive!
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